Modern Railing
  • 24 cable kits with fittings designed to be completely
  • concealed in the post.
  • Undrilled posts were drilled on the jobsite to achieve ten cable runs.
  • 6840 rail pro le is ideal for modern stairs. Attached to the post using a wood rail bracket (#0421).

Also available:
  • Custom Steel stringer- features a bolt together design for easy installation.
  • Multiple configurations and colors available. Pictured is 4 x 8 single stringer option.
  • 3” treads with vertical laminated construction for true butcher block appearance.
Modern Stairs with Cable Railing

Accessories & Tools
Available in level spans or stairways. Each section requires at least one tension fitting. All fittings available in single or 10 packs.

Modern post fitting
Post Fitting (#0421) For attaching a wood handrail continuous over posts.

Modern aluminum thread
3” Tread (#8370) Available in both red and white oak at 48” and 60” lengths. Custom sizes are also available.